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Unlock the Power of bulk Data Actions!
In this hour-long webinar, Nicola and Ruben will show you around Data Action Platform - for all the bulk data actions you’ll ever need in Salesforce. Boost productivity with the most complete bulk data action solution for Salesforce.

Part of the webinar will be a demo based on the most common use cases that we know from our current customers. There is also room for a live Q&A to answer any questions that come up.

"...Data Action Platform is a product that is bound to make Salesforce tasks a breeze, for administrators and end users alike. With the possibility of running record changes both synchronously and asynchronously, Plauti ensures scalability even for enterprise-level organizations with a large number of records".

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Ruben van de Kamp
Product Owner @Plauti
Nicola Di Santantonio
Account Executive @Plauti